"Bridesmaids" (2011)

Bridesmaids (2011)
Directed by: Paul Feig
Running time: 125 minutes

Hello internet! My apologies for not bringing you a review of a current blockbuster film, but the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 does not launch here until tomorrow night. So instead I’m going to review a film that is guarenteed (unless something amazingly crazy happens tomorrow night!) to be a better film than Harry Potter 7.2: Bridesmaids! So, on with the show.

Now Showing this week is Bridemaids, directed by Paul Feig, and is a film I wasn’t particularly expecting to like. I know it’s not good to go into a film with a preconception as to it’s quality, but I must say when I heard that it was about a bunch of middle aged bridesmaids having crazy shenanigans I did have a little doubt as to the amount of enjoyment I would receive from watching it. Well, I must tip my hat to Bridesmaids, because I enjoyed it very much! The plot revolved around a woman named Annie (played brilliantly by Kristen Wiig, who also co-wrote the film) who’s best friend Lillian is about to get married and has asked her to be her Maid of Honour. Unfortunately, one of Lillian’s new friends, who is also a bridesmaid, is stealing all of Annie’s thunder and is threatening to replace her as Lillian’s best friend. I guess that’s the premise in a nutshell.

Now I know that that premise sounds like the biggest snooze-fest in history, and that the actual act of watching the film would cause one’s sperm count to drop; but, when you couple that scenario with some excellent character depth on Annie’s part and some excellent comedic material, and sir you have a film that might actually increase your sperm count! I rather enjoyed the depth of Annie’s character. From the tragedy of her failed business to her inimacy issues, she made for a very interesting character.

But the main focus of this film is the comedy, which makes sense given it’s a comedy. Bar a few situations, the humour wasn’t simple gross out gags but actual examples of wonderful comedic delivery and wit. This was especially true of the character Meagan, an overweight bridesmaid. Again bar a few instances, her humour was not about the fact that she was overweight but from her quirky and hilarious personality. And to top her off, she even had a beautiful serious moment that took me by surprise. Also, an honourable mention goes to the rivalry between Annie and Lillian’s new best friend, it is often priceless!

I did have a few issues with the film however. As I have mentioned, there were a few moments where they just made fat jokes or a vomit gag. And while most of them were relevant to the events of the film, there was one during the credits that was just unnessecary and made me a little disappointed that they kept it in the film as it was just unpleasent. The film was also a bit long. Not “oh God, just end already!” like The Fighter, no no; more in the sense that I suddenly realised “wow, I’ve actually been sitting here for a fair while!”.

But if those are the only complaints that I have then that’s pretty good. This film reminded me of the first Hangover film; a film I wasn’t expecting to be any good but turned out to be a really good comedy that I thoroughly enjoyed. But I also believe, just like The Hangover, that they should not make a sequel as it will never be able to achieve what the first one did. So, go see Bridesmaids, it is really enjoyable (especially the entire section on the plane!). See you next time for overly long titled Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2!


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